The opportunity

Health and care staff share a passion to do their absolute best for patients, however sometimes it can feel like the system gets in the way.

CLEAR offers individuals, organisations, and regions the opportunity to investigate systems and services using a unique methodology, placing service transformation in the hands of those delivering care.

Clinicians enrolled in the National CLEAR Programme will be taught how to engage effectively, use powerful, bespoke data analytics and modelling tools which allows for the discovery of new ways of working and models of care.

CLEAR has projects and courses of varying lengths to suit all clinical professions, with progression through various levels of the CLEAR programme, as you gain experience.

The CLEAR programme runs multiple courses and projects throughout the year to tackle national health and care priorities. In 2021, we have opportunities in: urgent and emergency care, intensive care, mental health and primary and anticipatory care.

The National CLEAR Programme is supported by Health Education England and delivered by 33n, a group of NHS clinicians and data scientists.

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What’s involved

A typical project begins by looking at the potential for workforce and service redesign. We will work with you to agree the possibilities, scope and feasibility of the project. Once this is agreed, the National CLEAR Faculty will assign a project team, including clinicians from your organisation, if available.


What CLEAR offers

CLEAR offers big data analysis, a full education programme and the tools to perform workforce and care redesign. CLEAR creates a self-sustaining community of practice within the NHS, it improves patient experience, care and outcomes through model of care and workforce re-design, and creates portfolio careers for NHS staff improving recruitment and retention.


How a CLEAR project works

The CLEAR programme recruits clinicians on a paid secondment to run live service redesign projects, while learning the tools and techniques of service transformation. Learning time is protected and will enable clinicians to make a high profile impact on health and care at system level.


Health and care staff share a passion to do their absolute best for patients. Sometimes it feels like the system gets in the way. People find ways to solve problems to do their job; but what if you could improve the system?

What’s involved

The National CLEAR Programme recruits clinicians on a paid secondment, for approximately two days a week, to run live service redesign projects while learning the tools and techniques of service transformation.

Your learning time is protected, with CLEAR providing you the chance to make a high-profile impact on health and care at both a local and system level.

Initial entry participants join the programme as CLEAR Associates for six months to a year, depending on project options and your availability. At the end of your project, you may return to clinical practice equipped with new skills and competencies in innovation and leadership; or you may have the option to continue with the programme, taking on a more senior role within the National CLEAR Programme.

Taking part in CLEAR will contribute to your portfolio career, providing you with new tools and techniques allowing you to apply your learnings to future transformation projects. We will monitor your personal development and experience throughout your project to ensure you are getting the most from the programme.

As an associate you will take part in a 24-week educational programme, split into four key phases, which will teach you the fundamentals of workforce and activity modelling and redesign. We encourage learning from others and, as part of the educational programme, host Kaleidoscope sessions which give you the chance to present your findings and learn from your peers. These sessions contribute to the CLEAR shared learning community of practice.

When you finish the National CLEAR Programme you will join peers across the country and be part of a growing community of CLEAR alumni.


What CLEAR offers


“I have learnt many new skills related to CLEAR such as being able to visualise and interpret data and how to apply it to clinical settings to explain the challenges we face. The new skills I have learnt are transferable to my clinical work including the invaluable communication skills and increased knowledge of strategic issues within the NHS.”

Claire Brewster – RN Frailty, CLEAR Fellow

National programme sponsored
by NHS Health Education England


By registering your redesign project
with the National CLEAR Faculty, you
are joining a national programme
that provides:

• A clinical project team, including participants from your own staff, if they are available

• Senior clinical innovators and data scientists to work with your organisation

• Relevant data analytics

• Nationally approved standards of project assurance and information governance

• Shared information and experiences from similar projects in your region and across the nation

Tried and tested

CLEAR has evolved from successful redesign programmes, originally in the north west of England in 2018 and subsequently in all seven regions of the NHS.

Value for money

For health and care organisations, the costs vary depending on the project theme.

Compared with most agencies offering redesign support, CLEAR is a fraction of the cost. More importantly, it’s a small investment for major returns. CLEAR is a catalyst to realising system benefits in efficiency, financial savings and significant improvements in patient care.

In 2019, CLEAR programmes in seven project sites identified potential savings of £12.3 million.

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