What CLEAR offers

The National CLEAR Programme offers a unique opportunity to investigate current models of care by analysing, modelling and visualising data to innovate new recommendations and ways of working.

As clinicians are seconded to the programme they have protected time to learn and innovate, dedicating approximately two days a week to CLEAR.

CLEAR projects allow for the formation of clinically sound, co-developed recommendations that are operationally possible and financially viable.

CLEAR outputs include a detailed case study, presentation of findings for senior leadership, department level presentation and an extensive findings report all while building an intrinsic capability within the NHS.

By registering your redesign project with the National CLEAR Faculty, you are joining a national programme that provides:
  • A clinical project team, including participants from your organisation, if available
  • Senior clinical innovators and data scientists to work with your organisation
  • Bespoke data analytics and modelling tools
  • Nationally approved standards of project assurance and information governance
  • Shared information and experiences from similar projects in your region and across the nation

identified in potential savings by CLEAR participants across seven project sites in 2019.


“CLEAR has given me the opportunity to broaden the scope of my professional development and has made me feel I can make a broader impact on the health economy and patient care. As a doctor I help patients on a one-to-one basis. As a CLEAR Fellow I can help improve outcomes across entire pathways.”

Dr Sophie Tang – CLEAR Fellow

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